1: Is it safe to buy Telegram members?

We understand your worries on these kind of services. However, you do not need to worry about it. You will always get the best and safe service from us. You can use our service without any doubt, we promise

2: How many Telegram member can I buy for the first time?

Actually it depends on you. However, we advice that you can buy more than 2000 Telegram members for the first time. After you can buy 5000 or 10000

3: Why do I need to buy telegram members or telegram view or etc?

We’re living in a Telegram channel or Telegram groups world so everyone tries to take attention in every way. To take attention or selling your products, you need telegram services. We help you to get telegram members . We help you to increase your sales!

4: When will my support request will be answered?

In most cases, we answer to your message in telegram within 15 minutes. Our support team is available 24/7 even if its holiday. you ca send me a message in telegram t.me/wnsama

5: How can I pay?

You can easily pay with Pay pal,Bitcoin,Ethereum,WebMoney.

6: How long can I take delivery for telegram members or telegram views?

We start your order instantly. When you purchase any of our products, we process your order instantly. If there is a queue, you can wait maximum 40-50 min to get delivery.

7: Can I trust you ?

We know that you may have bad thoughts about social media services. We’re here to break it. Telegram.center is a totally legal digital agency. Also, you do not need to buy any of our services, you can just Test free member first to test my services

8: telegram members are real or fake?

we have all type silent members , real members , target members